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American cars part II

I finally got home after an uneventful and food free flight from the US.  In a desperate attempt to try and stay awake though the jet lag I went out in my Mini.  I was soooo right about yank cars, … Continue reading

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If Paul ever reads this he’ll probably never speak to me again as he is not a blog person.  The pictures of the Seattle skyline were taken from his apartment, he’s just moved house though and I thought ‘there’s no … Continue reading

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Americans and their cars

The US is a tough place to get around in if you don’t have a car.  So as I’m over here for three weeks I have a rental, it’s a red Pontiac Grand Am.  I’ll post some photos of it … Continue reading

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The U.S.

Well I’m working in the US for a few weeks.  I’ve been out here before for work so I’ve got a rough idea of what goes on and how to get about.   Things were not looking good though from … Continue reading

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