For those jealous at my chance to go biking yesterday afternoon you shouldn’t be.


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The Lookout

Off to the lookout this afternoon for a bit of a ride, I can’t find anyone to ride with so I’m going on my own, it’s a nice afternoon so why not.  Hopefully I’ll be able to skive out of work a bit early and get my permit sorted out as well.  There have been some updates to the corkscrew which I’m going to try and check out.


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Ten years

I’ve been at my current job for ten years yesterday, I got a plaque (I hope that’s how you spell it).  Wop de Do!  I don’t even get any extra holidays or anything like that.  I suppose I should be grateful really I know loads of people don’t have jobs at all.  A woman in a team near me has just celebrated her 20th year here, bloody hell I don’t think I’ll be able to manage that.

It’s not been all bad I guess but when I look back I always notice all the hard work and very little of the fun.  I am quite lucky in that I’ve mostly enjoyed my job, I work for an IT company and they are quite cool so we get to go on team building days and stuff like that.  On the negative side I’ve had to work shifts, do on-call and generally deal with tricky customers who want everything from nothing.

Anyway that’s a bit depressing for my first blog entry on spaces so here’s a good tip, try the latest MSN Messenger client it’s got some new daft things for you to waste a few minutes at work with.


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